8 Unique Gifts for the Cyclist Who Seems to Have Everything

From the practical to the aspirational, these creative presents will thrill any rider.

unique gifts for cyclists

Cyclists are gear-oriented by nature, so gifting the rider in your life something they don’t already have can feel as impossible as pedaling uphill in a high gear. But with a little creativity, you can surprise them with presents that will help strengthen their performance or simply appeal to their love of the sport. To make it easy, we rounded up our favorite picks for that avid cyclist who is always looking to level up.

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1 GCN+ Subscription

Help the cyclist in your life be a better fan with access to exclusive and original films and documentaries. Featuring adventures across Italy, Asia, and Iceland; investigations into the technology and materials used to build bicycle frames; and profiles of some of the most remarkable names in endurance cycling—this subscription will keep them entertained for hours. Plus, they can watch live and on-demand road, cyclo-cross, and track racing coverage (ad-free!) all year long.

2 Hiplok Z LOK Combo Security Tie & Bike Lock

Chances are, they already have a serious lock for overnight or longer-term storage. But for those quick mid-ride stops—especially on rides when someone doesn’t want to be lugging extra weight—these lightweight, adjustable ties can do the job. With a three-digit combination mechanism, they’re ideal for protecting a bike that’s still in eyesight.

3 Panapo Bike Tail Light with Turn Signals
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Experienced riders are pros when it comes to signaling on the go, but anything that makes them more visible on the road is a plus. These rechargeable tail lights, which attach to the bicycle seat tube, have 29 LED lights so they’re bright enough to be seen from 150 feet away. All your gift recipient needs to do is wirelessly connect them to a remote control that sits on the handlebars to activate turning indicators or employ warning signals in lower-light conditions.

4 The History of Cycling in Fifty Bikes
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Bike nerds will love the road map author Tom Ambrose sketches of how this 200-year-old invention has evolved over time. Anyone who has ever marveled at how lightweight and efficient modern bikes are—or who has stopped and stared at a penny farthing in motion—can dive deep into the history of iconic machines like the Velocipede, the Pinarello, and more.

5 C3 Thermo Bib Tights+

Help a fair-weather cyclist stay in the saddle all year with these thermal bib tights. The stretchy, insulating fabric keeps riders from freezing without hindering their movement. And wind-blocking technology protects them against aggressive gusts. As long as the roads are clear of snow and ice, they can get out there no matter how low the temperature goes.

6 Engo Eyewear

Know a rider who’s absolutely obsessed with their cycling stats? Engo Eyewear’s new line of sports glasses lets endurance athletes peep their data while riding. Real-time metrics are displayed right in the lenses, and they can choose what they want to see on their journey—pace, intensity, distance, etc.—in the partner app before heading out.

7 Mounted Bike Map Prints

For something a little more personal, gift them a mounted map of their favorite cycling destination from OffTheMapArt. These mixed media paintings are created using vintage maps from all over the country—from Los Angeles and Cleveland, Ohio to Portland, Maine and Asheville, North Carolina. It’s bound to remind them—even when they’re stuck at their desk—how much they love pedaling.

8 Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance
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Cyclists don’t need to shell out for a mechanic—at least for the small things—if they’ve got this guide to bicycle repair and maintenance. Filled with step-by-steps and hand-drawn diagrams, the handbook teaches everything from how to fix a broken chain to how to maintain electronic shifters. With more than 500 pages, there’s hardly a task a rider can’t DIY (with just a little patience).

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